"Incident (Fire & Water)" >link< screening at Custom Lane, Leith alongside Sacred Vessels and four (very) short films of an expeditionary nature. Part of ArchiFringe 2018

Sacred Vessels (for Bernd & Hilla Becher) at the SSA/VAS joint show in the Royal Scottish Academy 29 Jan - 8 March 2018 Images

Bending Saws - 2017 Custom Lane Leith, Edinburgh: Images

Wasserturme, a homage to Hilla & Bernd Becher on show at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein.

Online work "After The Fall"

Tales From the Road -The Briggait, Glasgow

"Hot Winds Blow from the East" and "Golden Gateway" SSA annual show at The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Video "Three Fountains" on Vimeo

Images from Dovecot performance and screening at EAF art late.

Interview in Lodown Art Special - on sale here!

"Domestic Erosion (Iron)" now on Vimeo

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...>blue steak<






Site specific work:

Maryhill Health & Care Centre now officially open 25 permanent works embedded in the walls and floors inspired by Maryhill's past and present. Images here

The West Centre, Children’s Community Health and Care, Glasgow for the NHS funded by theYorkhill Children’s Foundation: Images

Kirkcudbright Residency for WASPS and Dumfries & Galloway Council: Images

Swimming the City (From the Hills to the Sea): Daniel Warren's Film & Jo Hanley's Photographs

'100 Gildings' Ekaterinburg, Russia: Images

Try this at home:

The Dead Sea | The Northern Lights | Land of Fire & Ice | Molecular Vibration | The Grand Canyon