Recent Acquisitions (25 accidentally acquired lighters) detail



RECENT ACQUISITIONS and other new works

Following last years solo show, ‘Folds and Erosion’, Tim Taylor returns to Patriothall with a new collection of works that continue his peculiar take on modern life. The title, whilst a reference to the world of the commercial gallery (where the act of purchase can become a show’s actual title), more pertinently alludes to a central theme in his work, the act of acquiring.

Such acquisition manifests itself in the collection of the everyday object and incident in order to explore the beauty, pathos and humour inherent within them. By the simple manipulation or exaggeration of the ubiquitous – a collapsed chinese lantern, a shower door illumination, burnt duvet covers, 100 wardrobe hooks, a keyboard key totem, knotted pipe lagging - he seeks to investigate and express basic elements of the human condition. It is hoped that the viewer will experience a shift in emphasis from the objects’ original purpose towards other possibilities; that the commonplace will be elevated to a higher ground.